Our Supporters

Our community is marvelously supportive of our efforts to help women and children in need. Many individuals, families and groups give generously to support the work. In addition to these donors, we receive substantial support from:

  • The Ambrosiani-Pastore Foundation
  • The Community That Cares of Priest River
  • The Northern Region
    Greatest Need Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation
  • Innovia
  • Idaho Food Bank
  • Newport/Priest River Rotary Club
  • Peninsula Union Church
  • Stimson-Miller Foundation
  • Trinity Baptist Church
  • Priest Lake Lions
  • Lake City Church
  • Cedar Hills Church
  • Community Assistance League of Sandpoint
  • Alpha Omega Construction
  • Aerocet
  • Angels Over Sandpoint
  • State Police Against Sexual Assault Grant

If you would like to support our work, here are some ways you can help:

Donate: Use the Paypal button to the right, send us a check (address on the Contact Us page) or drop by in person.

Spread the word: Come by and get a brochure or two. Give them to people who might need our help, and to people who need to know we’re available as a resource.

We are always in need of volunteers. The specific needs vary, but how about this list for starters.

  • Pray for us!
  • Give groceries, diapers, or other goods for our clients’ use.
  • Provide childcare for Tuesday, Wednesday¬†and Thursday afternoons, and during various classes.
  • Lawn and garden care at the shelters.
  • Clean the Priest River Ministries¬†office.
  • Take the free training to become an advocate.
  • Drive our van, taking clients where they need to go.
  • Wash children’s toys in our childcare room.

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