Lydia and Phoebe’s Places




PRMAFW has been supplying clothing to families in crisis in the Priest River area since 2004. From one uncomfortably crowded back room to another, closets, and shelter garages, having a place for the families to actually look through the clothes was difficult.

We currently have a rented office space in the River Town Mall, right next to our Priest River office, called Lydia’s Place. We’ve just opened a second free clothing outlet, called Phoebe’s Place, in our Spirit Lake location.

We need help keeping the rent up, so if you could donate, that would be splendid!

You can donate clothes to the Priest River office in the River Town Mall, or to the
Spirit Lake office if that is moreĀ  convenient. Both Lydia’s and Phoebe’s are open to the entire community free of charge. So if you are needing clothes for a job interview or your kids are growing faster than you can keep up with, please come by.